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Florida Real Estate Investment – How The Disney Effect Can Make You Money

Most people who are new to real estate investment wonder how to maximise their real estate investment returns and some of them end just buying property around their area. While this may work in terms of practical management of the property, but if you want to get average returns, then do what everyone else does. Your returns in some areas would be very low due to low rental yield and demand in the area that you are investing in.

What you really want therefore is to invest in a place where the rental yield is great and the place is booming in terms of the economy and there is money being continually invested into the area. Orlando Florida is one such area and it has to thank the Disney effect for this. This article will explain how the Disney Effect makes Orlando, Florida a great place for real estate investing.

Rental Yields From Tourists

Other than Las Vegas, the rental yields in a state like Florida would be quite high in part due to accommodation being marketed to house the thousands and millions of tourists that fly in from other states and countries to visit the world famous Disneyland of Florida. Thus we see here that the Disney Effect results in a great number of tourist visitors to the state each year resulting in good rental returns. So, residential property investing might be a good choice to consider, however you need to consider the type of property that rents out best as you would want a property management company to manage your property for you.

The other added advantage that most people think of is the ability to stay there rent free some parts of the year and enjoy the theme parks and then renting out the property the rest of the year. However do find a place that you would like to stay as most times rather than not, the location of the property is critical in determining if you can secure good rental for your property.

Rental Yields from Commercial Buildings

Alternatively the second aspect of the Disney effect is that these large theme parks spin off large supporting industries that supply the theme parks with food and other services. Commercial properties that house such services will therefore also be an alternative investment that you can consider as opposed to a purely residential property investment.

An example of this would be food manufacturing plants and other companies that supply Disney and its theme parks with food and other related Disney gift and presents. Such companies may manufacture their products in China, but the design and sales offices tend to be around their largest customers and in this case Disney.

Thus we can conclude that the rental returns from a real estate investment property in Florida is a great choice in part due to the Disney effect which brings with it increased rentals and greater vibrancy into the city or town that the theme park is situated. Take some time today and consider how your investments are doing and perhaps you might want to consider investing in Orlando Florida today.

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